Acuity Class & Elegance
Dr. Mrs Aisha Achimugu is ACE. She’s a perspicacious, exceptional and brilliant entrepreneur, financier and industrialist who is making a positive impact in society through her incredible endeavours including highly successful businesses that have transformed lives, created jobs and provided a social purpose for many.

An accomplished, intelligent and wise woman with several academic & professional qualifications, awards and recognitions, Aisha is virtuous, and epitomises great values including integrity, selflessness, kindness & sacrifice.

A devoted and loving mother who raises the bar of motherhood. She’s imbued with great humanness and modesty, she is adored by many because of her humility and love. She simply cares deeply about others.

Dr. Achimugu has a good sense of humour which complements her resourcefulness and energy, and results in her strong passion for making a difference.